Carkeek Park Veterinary Hospital

9756 Holman Road NW
Seattle, WA 98117


A collaboration between you and the
veterinarians assisted by our staff

Together we will strive to create a comfortable visit for your pet

Dog and Cat friends

Carkeek Park Veterinary Hospital offers preventive care, dental hygiene, internal medicine, surgery and more for dogs and cats.

We try to create a calm environment so you and your pet can relax while waiting to see your veterinarian. Our goals is to provide a low-stress experience for your pet when in our care.

As a locally owned veterinary hospital, we've cared for north Seattle's companion animals since 1985.

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 Meet the staff and find helpful information

To meet the doctors select the Our Veterinarians tab. Some of the staff can be found under Our Team.

The Gallery is where you can view our practice, some special patients and a special friendship.

You can read about your pet's behavior, health, diseases, drugs and more in the searchable Pet Library.

For more resources on pet care go to Pet Info & Links to keep informed on recent pet food recalls and see how-to videos on teeth brushing, ear cleaning and giving injections. A list of poisonous plants, and links to websites with information on a variety of topics is also found there.

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